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This  is  the  method  for  the  first

 Sūrya Namaskara

is often practiced while chanting mantras. For this, meditation is very important as are the Drstis, or gazing places,

which include:

Nāsāgra Drsti         (the gaze on the tip of the nose)       for Sāmashtitih

Angustagra Drsti    (the gaze at the thumbs)    for the 1st and 9th vinyāsas

Nāsāgra Drsti                for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th vinyāsas

Nābhicakra Drsti            (gaze at the navel)              for the 6th vinyasa

In addition, for the even numbered vinyasas, Recaka should be performed.  For the odd, one should do Pūraka.  

On the whole, the method for doing Recaka and Pūrakais is the same for all the vinyāsas and āsanas ahead.

A Sādhaka (spiritual aspirant) should learn it with practice

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