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Tapas - Your Catalyst of Transformation

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

You have heard the word and maybe have an idea of its meaning. You have felt it in varying degrees during your practice, And perhaps, if intense enough, you wished somebody would turn it down. The word is “Tapas”. Tapas means heat. And heat’s Great power is, as a catalyst for transformation. Heat, especially at high Fiery levels will transform chemicals, metals, rocks or as we use it in Hatha Yoga, the physical heat of Tapas melts away physical stiffness. But in doing this with the physical body Tapas, at the same time melts away mental and emotional stiffness called Habits that at strong lev els have their origins in Trauma. This is how the Body Keeps Score . So when you're finally exhausted with your old habits of consciousness and decide it's time to change, loosening and elevating the old you to the higher levels of consciousness you were born to resonate at, the friction of Tapas is what will turn the key of this “transformation”. And as we move towards higher states of moving, emoting, and thinking, these 3 fundamental aspects of our consciousness might eventually start working together quite well eventually harmonizing into our highest states called enlightenment… Whatever that is :-)

When using this power tool Tapas for the process of transformation, And you want to receive its full benefits "And Stay Safe", there is one crucial thing you should never do. Especially when the inherent confusion of transformation begins, the concern you will roll into a big anxiety snowball of fearful Koas grips your whole body, the best thing you can Do is to Keep Breathing and Moving. And the worst things you could Do is:

Turn down the heat… or

Allow Talking to Hijack your Breath Movements

This is when you stop listening... To your wise body your wise teacher teacher that is showing you the way of the Breath.

Because whether your transformational focus is general or specific (physical, mental, or emotional), the most important thing to be ready and actually happy for is “Confusion”. Confusion is how you know the psycho-emotional transformational process has begun, and deep physical tapas1 and breath will keep your body safe during these confusing waves, Breathing Tapas, after these waves pass. will then help you integrate these lessons Ganeshe blessed you to work through .

Because melting old movement, belief, or desire habits, ain’t fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Those old, stubborn impulses will complain, and maybe even kick and scream when the heat goes up…

It's too much… Turn it down… Pleeeeease?

But IF… inside your personal body oven, you maintain good deep breath awareness (Talkative whingeing kills breath awareness ;-)

you will find…

Tapas2 with Breath Will melt those winy, emotional thoughts "In a very manageable way". They just seem to vanish into the breath somehow, and you move, feel and think in brand new ways. So... Above all else.....

“Don’t Lose Your Breath”

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